Clavinova lower felt stopper V7640101

Clavinova lower felt stopper V7640101

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Replacement stopper assembly that fits many Clavinova digital pianos.

All of these part numbers are interchangeable
This is a felt buffer strip mounted on a foam backed plastic self adhesive strip. The keys come to rest on ( part 210 on schematic )
Length : 1240mm
Width of plastic mount : 27mm
Overall Height : 10mm

Whilst not an exhaustive list popular models which use this part include :


CLP models


CLP170 , CLP170M, CLP230 , CLP230M , CLP240, CLP240C, CLP240M, CLP270, CLP270C, CLP270M, CLP280, CLP280C, CLP280M, CLP280PE, CLP280PM, CLP295GP, CLP330, CLP330M, CLP330C,  CLP340, CLP340C, CLP340M,  CLP370, CLP370M,  CCLP380PE, CLP380M,  CLP440R, CLP440C, CLP440B, CLP440M, CLP470PE, CLP470R, CLP480PE, CLP480R, CLP525, CLP535, CLP545, CLP575, CLP585, CLP625, CLP635, CLP645, CLP675, CLP810S, CLP820, CLP820S, CLP840, CLP860, CLP880, CLP910 , CLP920 , CLP930, CLP950, CLP970


CVP Models

CVP92, CVP203, CVP305, CVP305C, CVP305M, CVP307, CVP307C, CVP307M, CVP309GP, CVP309PE, CVP309PM, CVP403, CVP403C, CVP403PE, CVP403PM, CVP405, CVP405PE, CVP405PM, CVP407, CVP409GP, CVP409PE, CVP409PM, CVP503, CVP503PE, CVP505, CVP505PE, CVP505PM, CVP509, CVP509PE, CVP509PM

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