Baritone, Euphonium & Tuba Repairs & Servicing



SERVICING Baritones and Euphoniums comprises freeing stuck tuning slides, bottom and top valve caps. Removing and dismantling valves. Checking instrument for broken or loose solder joints. Where necessary, replacing valve guides, springs, felts and waterkey corks. Lubricating and carrying out a playing test.

PRICE GUIDE £200 – £250 (depending upon the amount of time required, particularly with respect to stuck slides)

REPAIRS to Baritones and Euphoniums. If an instrument has been dropped or knocked the resulting damage may extend beyond the obvious sight of the impact. Distortion of valve casings can cause valves to stick and this can be difficult to remedy. Dents can seldom be removed completely but it is often worth getting them taken out as far as possible to avoid possible tuning problems. Dent removal is time consuming and it will often take over an hour for one dent. Some dents in difficult to reach positions require special equipment which I do not have available so I will not offer to work on those.

PLAYING TEST ON COMPLETION OF WORK. All instruments are tested by playing after repair to ensure they are functioning properly and to a standard in keeping with their age and quality.