Trombone Repairs & Servicing

SERVICING of these instruments comprises freeing stuck tuning slides, rotors and linkages. Checking instrument for broken or loose solder joints. Improving or restoring sluggish slide operation. Replacing slide stop bumpers and waterkey corks (where required). Washing through and basic cleaning. Lubricating and carrying out a playing test.

PRICE GUIDE £70 – £180 (depending upon the amount of time required, particularly with respect to stuck slides/rotors and cost of parts) Instruments considered un-economic or of uncertain outcome will not be undertaken.

REPAIRS If an instrument has been dropped or knocked the resulting damage may extend beyond the obvious sight of the impact. Dent removal and truing bent slides is time consuming.

PLAYING TEST ON COMPLETION OF WORK. All instruments are tested by playing after repair to ensure they are functioning properly and to a standard in keeping with their age and quality.