Clarinet Repair & Servicing


SERVICING of clarinets can be divided into two main categories. A standard service comprises checking, regulating, lubricating and carrying out other necessary work where no pad replacement is required. This should be suitable for most instruments under three years old. Older instruments will probably require complete stripping down of all keywork, cleaning, replacement of key corks and pads where necessary, lubrication and key regulation. Sometimes tenon corks will require replacement if the joints do not fit together tightly. Eventually the clarinet will require a complete re-pad and re-cork. White bladder skin pads a fitted as standard but other types are available if requested.

PRICE GUIDE for a service of a Bb or A clarinet is from £40 - £80 for a basic service or £75 - £250 for a full service. (Including VAT where applicable)

REPAIRS. Specific repairs such as replacing a key or tenon cork can be carried out if requested. There is a minimum charge of £25.

PLAYING TEST ON COMPLETION OF WORK. All instruments are tested by playing after repair to ensure they are functioning properly and to a standard in keeping with their age and quality.