Repurchase Scheme

Buying a musical instrument can be an expensive business. Add to this the uncertainty of whether the instrument
will still be in use in a few months time and you can see why many people opt to hire first rather than purchase.

Bearing these problems in mind , our repurchase scheme provides an instrument with little risk. When you purchase an instrument we will issue a document promising to repurchase the instrument for two thirds of the original purchase price. This is , of course , only if you wish to give up the instrument and if it is returned to us in perfect condition
( fair wear and tear excepted ) no later than 12 months from the purchase date.

This schemes applies to all brass or woodwind instruments over £ 150.00 . Other instruments may be available at the discretion of Becketts. 

Price match policy

If you manage to find the instrument you require at a lower price elsewhere , please let us know. We may be able to match or even better the price you have obtained. This is not always possible as we only offer stock obtained from the official UK suppliers to ensure that you have full UK warranty cover.

Don't forget all our instruments are checked before sale and that if you have any minor settling adjustments then we offer this service free of charge on instruments purchased from us ( normally within 24 hours ). Any adjustments to instruments purchased elsewhere should be returned to the supplier at your cost. This could mean you will be without an instrument during the times it takes them to carry out the work and the time it is in transit.

Example of the repurchase scheme

Purchase a Concordia CAS300L alto saxophone outfit - List price £ 435.00

Less discount ( at least 15% - in this case 21% ) Discount £ 90.00

You pay to Becketts £ 375.00

Repurchase this instrument from you within 1 year £ 250.00

"Cost" for 1 year use under this scheme £ 125.00

If you compare this to rental then you will see you are getting 1 years use of the sax for little more than it would cost for 4 months rental using the hire scheme.

The disadvantage of this scheme is that you need to fund the purchase as you are required to purchase the instrument initially.