Saxophone Repairs & Servicing


SERVICING of a saxophone comprises checking pads for “leaks”, checking and adjusting key regulation to restore correct operation, basic cleaning and lubrication. Leaking pads may be rectified by adjustment or replacement. Key felts and corks will be replaced if necessary. Pads used are those closest to original type. Where an instrument has been dropped or shows signs of damage it will require repair (See below, REPAIRS)

PRICE GUIDE to service a saxophone is from £70 for an instrument under 2 years old and in undamaged condition to £350 for an instrument that is not working and needs complete dismantling and replacement of some pads and the re-aligning of bent keywork. Complete re-pad and overhaul could cost more than £600. (Including VAT where applicable).

REPAIRS. Specific repairs such as minor regulation adjustments or re-corking crooks or major work such as restoring badly bent keywork or body damage can be carried out if requested.

PLAYING TEST ON COMPLETION OF WORK. All instruments are tested by playing after repair to ensure they are functioning properly and to a standard in keeping with their age and quality.