Promuco (PCC100) Cymbal Cleaner

Promuco (PCC100) Cymbal Cleaner

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Promuco Cymbal Cleaner has been specially formulated to safely clean and return the shine to your cymbals.


Developed and made in the UK, this essential cleaning solution is a must-have accessory for discerning drummers who care about keeping their gear in tip-top condition. Non-hazardous and pleasantly fragranced, Promuco Cymbal Cleaner removes grease and residue and helps restore tarnished cymbals to their original shimmering glory.


Directions for use:

Squeeze Promuco Cymbal Cleaner onto a clean, micro-fibre cloth and work into the area to be cleaned with a circular motion. You will see the cymbal start to regain its natural colouration and shine within a short time. Wipe and polish with a separate, clean cloth afterward if desired. Replace / close lid after use.


Made in the UK

100ml Bottle

European Safety Standard Compliant


Leaves no Residue

Press Bottle Cap

100% Recycled Post-Consumer PET Plastic Bottles

Carbon Balanced & Recycled Paper Materials