Acoustajam bluetooth system

Acoustajam bluetooth system

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Acoustajam is a brilliant new device for beginners and performers alike to add an extra dimension to their acoustic guitar playing.

The Acoustajam unit is easily mounted into any acoustic guitar and effectively turns your guitar into a wireless music player. Hook up your media player or Smartphone to the unit and play a backing track. The audio you hear is transmitted through the soundboard of your guitar creating a single source audio when you play your guitar along with it.

This is superb for:

  • Learning - the single sound source makes identifying notes and chords much easier
  • Performance - play along with backing tracks
  • Song writing - record a quick sample of your new tune and play along for a true live feel, this will help you gauge your songs more acurately

In addition, Acoustajam makes your guitar the perfect festival and party companion, play your tunes around the camp fire, or simply lean the guitar up and use it as a music player, with no need for further devices, amplification or cables.

The LiOn battery will last several hours and is rechargable using any micro-USB charger and Acoustajam is entirely contained with your guitar.

No drilling is required to install Acoustajam, the unit is fixed with self adhesive pads to the underside of the soundboard of your guitar and is a completely reversable installation.

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