Denis Wick - Stretchable Bell Cover - Baritone & Bass Trombone 9.5"

Denis Wick - Stretchable Bell Cover - Baritone & Bass Trombone 9.5"

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Denis Wick has teamed up with a leading Northern textile company to produce new stretchable bell covers that reduce the risk of spreading harmful airborne droplets and aerosols produced by brass instruments. The covers are very easy to fit and make no perceptible difference to the sound of the instrument. The player might notice a very slight difference in response in the high register, but the sound remains true from low to high.

This product will be popular amongst school ensembles, amateur bands and professional brass sections alike. The safest way to play brass music is outside with the recommended distance between players of 2m – 3.5m. If playing indoors with the minimum distance (2m) between players bell covers can reduce the spread of germs and viruses greatly. Remember that venting water keys can spread germs too, so be careful to have a cloth or some paper to catch any water from the instrument, and to dispose of any paper safely.

Our partners making the bell covers are a traditional family-owned Manchester-based business who started spinning and weaving cotton in the nineteenth century. They are a company that we have enjoyed working with for many years, and in recent months they have been busy making PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the NHS. We have designed this range of bell covers which are produced in Greater Manchester using their skills developed in making PPE. 

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