Cello Time Scales - Kathy Blackwell & David Blackwell

Cello Time Scales - Kathy Blackwell & David Blackwell

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Cello Time Scales

By Kathy Blackwell & David Blackwell


Cello Time Scales is brimming over with creative ideas to make learning scales and arpeggios easy, covering the finger patterns used in Cello Time Joggers and Runners, and including all the scales and arpeggios for ABRSM Grades 1 and 2.


1. D Major: Finger Tips
2. D Major: Low D, High D, A In Between
3. C Major: Let'S Jog
4. C Major: Step, Skip, Jump!
5. G Major: Follow Me
6. G Major: Arpeggio Fanfare
7. C Major: Fast Food
8. C Major: What'S In Your Sandwich?
9. A Natural Minor: French Carol
10. A Natural Minor: Somerset Folksong
11. F Major: Accelerator
12. F Major: Double Decker
13. A Major: Sweet Betsy From Pike
14. Bb Major: Two Little Angels
15. Bb Major: Knock, Knock!

16. G Major: French Folk Song
17. G Major: Eiffel Tower
18. D Harmonic Minor: Theme From Mahler'S First Symphony
19. D Harmonic Minor: Mission To Mars
20. C Harmonic Minor: Old Man Of Peru
21. G Harmonic Minor: Haunted House
22. G Harmonic Minor: Le Tambourin
23. D Melodic Minor: I Gotta Play Those Cello Blues
24. D Melodic Minor: Shalom Chaverim
25. C Melodic Minor: Yellow Cello
26. C Melodic Minor: Escalator Cha-Cha
27. G Melodic Minor: A Bit Of Bach
28. G Melodic Minor: Bump In The Night
29. G, D, C Natural Minors
30. G Natural Minor: Zum Gali, Gali


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