Cello Time Sprinter - Kathy Blackwell & David Blackwell

Cello Time Sprinter - Kathy Blackwell & David Blackwell

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Cello Time Sprinter - Kathy Blackwell & David Blackwell


Cello Time Sprinters is the third book in this hugely successful series, building on the firm technical and stylistic foundations of Joggers and Runners by featuring extended pieces in first position, and fourth position pieces. The book includes original pieces in different styles, pieces by a range of composers, and duets with parts of equal difficulty, together with performances and backings available to download from a Companion Website.


1. Carnival Jig
2. Spic And Span
3. Out Of The Question
4. Stop-Start
5. River Song
6. Overture: A Baroque Celebration
7. Going Fourth
8. City Streets
9. Minuet
10. Metro Line
11. Falling Leaves
12. Holiday In Havana
13. Swing low, Sweet Chariot
14. Night Shift
15. Le Tambourin

16. Scarborough fair
17. Beyond The Horizon
18. Sto me
19. Bourree
20. Andante (Elgar)
21. Joker In The Pack
22. Sarabande
23. Comin' Home
24. Sprint Finish
25. In Memory
26. Some Day
27. Wild West
28. Je Pense A Toi
29. Russian Wedding
30. Two Songs From Dichterliebe

31. Latin Nights
32. 4Th Dimension
33. Fifth Avenue
34. Seventh Heaven
35. Jubilate Deo
36. Banuwa



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