It's Never Too Late To Play Guitar + CD

It's Never Too Late To Play Guitar + CD

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It's Never Too Late To Play Guitar + CD


Have you always wanted to be able to play the guitar, but never quite got round to learning? Perhaps you learned to play another instrument when you were younger, but didn’t feel it was quite for you; or perhaps you simply love music and wish youcould trum away at your favourite songs. Whatever your starting point, this all-in-one adult tutor provides the answers:

• Tructive teach-yourself programme covering the basics of music theory and guitar playing.

• Suitable for aspiringacoustic, classical and electric guitar players.

• Simple arrangements of classic pop, indie, rock, blues, folk, classical and jazz music.

• Introduces basic chords, broken chords, finger-picking,classic riffs and strumming patternsassociated with each style.

• Starter exercises exploring specific techniques and styles.

• CD containing awesome demos and backings to play along with. Devised by best-selling authors and renowned guitarists Nick Walker and JamesLongworth, this tutor will show you it really is never too late to play guitar!e

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