Up-Grade Piano By Pam Wedgwood - Grades 1-2

Up-Grade Piano By Pam Wedgwood - Grades 1-2

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Up-Grade Piano By Pam Wedgwood - Grades 1-2

By Pam Wedgwood


Up-Grade is designed to bridge the gap between grades.

The varied pieces in this bright new collection range from toe-tapping jazzy numbers to more classical styles, all designed to ease you gently on towards the next grade

These pieces of light relief are for between Piano grades 1 and 2.


1. Cool Calypso [Pam Wedgwood]
2. The Mad Hatter's Funeral March [Pam Wedgwood]
3. Homework Blues [Pam Wedgwood]
4. Chant [Pam Wedgwood]
5. Rush Hour Dash [Pam Wedgwood]
6. The Detective [Pam Wedgwood]
7. Lazy Days **ABRSM selected piece (Piano 2019-2020 [Pam Wedgwood]
8. The Snake Charmer [Pam Wedgwood]
9. Twist And Turn [Pam Wedgwood]
10. The Cantankerous Camel [Pam Wedgwood]
11. Out And About [Pam Wedgwood]
12. Clowning About [Pam Wedgwood]
13. Masquerade [Pam Wedgwood]
14. Tarantella [Pam Wedgwood]
15. Charleston [Pam Wedgwood]

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