Set of rubber contacts for 88 note Clavinova pianos (check your model below)

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88 note key contact set for the keyboards below:


Six 12 note contacts (VY84670R), one 5 note contact (VY84680R), one 11 note contact (VY84690R)


Check your part has 2 carbon contacts underneath - some models have 3 - if yours has 2 then this part is correct

CLP 110CLP 115CLP 120CLP 130CLP 150CLP 220CLP 320


CVP 202CVP 203 CVP205 CVP 207CVP 209CVP 301CVP 303CVP 401CVP 501

MO8MONTAGE 8MOTIF 8MOTIF ES8MOTIF XF8MOTIF XS8P 120P 140P 200P 250P 255BP 255WHP 60P 80P 90PF 1000PF 500S 08S 90S 90ES

YDP 121YDP 123YDP 151YDP 160YDP 161YDP 223YDP 323YDP C71PEYDP S51

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