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Yamaha Clavinova Replacement Set Upper & Lower stopper felts VU34210R & V764010R DISCONTINUED

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The VU34210 element of this set has now been discontinued by Yamaha. The suggestion from Yamaha is that the part number V8468201 is used as a suitable alternative.





If your Clavinova digital piano is suffering with noisy keys then these are probably the felts you will need to replace.



This sale is for a set of both upper & lower felts part numbers  VU34210R & V764010R - Genuine Yamaha parts suitable for most Yamaha Clavinova models made in the last 15 years


Please check your existing felt - if the colouring is black - red - black - white order this product

If yours is Grey - Red - Green - White then please order V8468201 this is a slightly softer felt


If you are unsure if this is the correct part for your instrument please do not hesitate to message us before buying letting us know your model and we can check the suitability for you.



If you only require the upper or lower felts please take a look at our other Ebay listings.



Whilst not an exhaustive list popular models which use this part include :



CLP models



CLP170 , CLP170M, CLP230 , CLP230M , CLP240, CLP240C, CLP240M, CLP270, CLP270C, CLP270M, CLP280, CLP280C, CLP280M, CLP280PE, CLP280PM, CLP295GP, CLP330, CLP330M, CLP330C,  CLP340, CLP340C, CLP340M,  CLP370, CLP370M,  CLP380PE, CLP380M,  CLP440R, CLP440C, CLP440B, CLP440M, CLP470PE, CLP470R, CLP480PE, CLP480R, CLP480R, CLP810S, CLP820, CLP820S, CLP840, CLP860, CLP880, CLP920 , CLP930, CLP950, CLP970



CVP Models

CVP94, CVP107,CVP109,CVP103, CVP203, CVP305, CVP305C, CVP305M, CVP309GP, CVP309PE, CVP309PM, CVP403, CVP403C, CVP403PE, CVP403PM, CVP405, CVP405PE, CVP405PM, CVP407, CVP409GP, CVP409PE, CVP409PM, CVP503, CVP503PE, CVP505, CVP505PE, CVP505PM, CVP509, CVP509PE, CVP509PM



P Series

P60 P80 P250 P200



If you specify which model you have when you purchase we can supply fitting instructions to assist you, also there are videos posted on YouTube which may help



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