Tromba jazzbone - black plastic trombone

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Bore .500"

Bell 8"

Free Floating backslide

Unique Removable Training Slide

Lock ring slide

Adjustable Tuning Slide

48 size ABS mouthpiece

Double traditional style water keys with replaceable seals

High gloss appearance

Made from toughened ABS plastic ensuring no dents

Damage resistant finish ensuring no scratches

Ultrasonically welded therefore no glue to come unstuck

Encased balanced weight in the bell section complete with logo

Durable padded gig bag

Adjustable stand

Handy cleaning kit

Convenient instrument for travelling 


The Tromba Jazzbone is a distinct looking instrument, its slide length is halved but doubled side by side so that it has the same playing length and tone as a conventional Bb tenor trombone

 That being said its half-length slide means that the normal slide positions are in effect halved making the transition distance between positions much closer which in turn allows for faster note changes which is more suitable for certain pieces of music or for just adding your own unique style to a piece.

 The other advantage is that for short arm learners i.e. children, the lower notes become much easier to reach on a half-length slide rather than a conventional full length slide where 7th is usually too far for them to stretch.

 The new Free Floating backslide system means that it will always find its centre of least resistance with playing to ensure a smooth and free action slide

The Unique Removable Training Slide helps those people who are used to a conventional slide length. The device stops the slide from travelling too far. It can be removed once the player has become accustomed to the shorter slide length