(N) Laney (LG20R) 20 watt guitar amp with reverb

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The LG range offers a stunning range of guitar tones in a very compact package. LG models are ideal for aspiring players taking their first steps towards stardom by rocking out in bedrooms all over the world.

The LG20R takes its tonal cues from its bigger tube brothers. The clean channel chimes away nicely and takes on a pleasant bite at higher volumes. Switch to the drive channel, set the drive and the master controls as desired, and the LG range will yield a range of tones, from just breaking up to saturated sustain, with an increasing degree of crunch and raunch in between. On both channels the three band tone controls contribute a subtle degree of shaping rather than creating extreme sounds.


The L20R's CD/MP3 socket makes jamming and learning new songs a blast and the on board reverb provides a nice natural splash of colour to your overall sound.

The LG20R is housed in a sturdy open back cabinet and finished in a black basket weave tolex with solid black plastic corners.

Great tone in a small but very usable convenient package.


Cabinet Design Top mounted construction, black plastic corners, leather handle and rubber feet

CD Input - Yes (Stereo jack)

Channels - 2 (Clean and Crunch)

Packed Dimensions (HxWxD mm) - 420 x 480 x 245

Drivers - 1x8 inch Custom Driver

Equalisation Global - Bass, Mid and Treble

Footswitch - No

FX Loop(s) - No

Headphone Socket  - Yes

Inputs  - 1x Jack

Power  - 20 Watts

Reverb - Yes

Scoop Switch - No

Speaker connections - No

Weight - 9 Kg Packed, 8.25 Kg Unit

Unit Dims - for int. case (HxWxD mm) - 328 x 395 x 208