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Joyo (JA-02) 3 Watt Portable Mini Guitar Amplifier - Black

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Joyo (JA-02) 3 Watt Portable Mini Guitar  Amplifier - Black


This neat looking mini JOYO guitar amplifier comes with 9V battery and headphones, offers two different sounds from clean to distortion and is portable with enough output to practice or bring outside and enjoy. This is really the most feature-packed and tone-VOLUME-enable little amp on the market.


With MP3 input for 3.5mm input, ideal for playing along to backing tracks and music stored on your phone, or tablet.


Also with a headphone input, making it a great practice amp using a pair of headphones. Absolutely great at home where volume may otherwise be a problem.


Ideal for practice, beginners and for those who might want to add a little more volume to their instrument.



Power output: 3 watt.

Earphone input jack: 3.5 mm.

LED Indicator.

Power: 9V DC or 6F22 battery.

Made of ABS plastic.