Smooth Jazz Piano

Smooth Jazz Piano

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A complete guide to becoming the smoothest, coolest Jazz Piano player around, complete with CD! If you're the kind of Pianist with a love a good Jazz, but have no idea where to begin, then this tutorial is tailor-made for you. Divided into six areas of study, Harrison's method will get you playing those smooth and silky Jazz solos you love. Beginning with an overview of the style itself, Harrison covers the following subjects of Jazz theory and performance:

  • Scales and chords: modes, pentatonics, triads, sevenths and ninths
  • Keyboard harmony and voicings: inversions and extended voicings
  • Progressions and comping: rhythm concepts and a latge variety of grooves
  • Melodies and soloing: target notes, scales, modes and substitutions

The accompanying CD is more than just a recording of examples - the music is mixed with the left hand to the left and the right hand to the right of the stereo field, allowing you to use your balance control to isolate the very parts you need to hear! Furthermore, with this technique you are able to remove the part you're trying to play, leaving a backing track to accompany your solos and improvisations.
After you have mastered the concepts introduced in Harrison's lessons, you will find seven original and exciting full solos to learn, complete with guidance to help you improvise and develop a sound that is all your own.