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Avengers Endgame - Piano Solo

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Eight pieces from the Alan Silvestri-composed soundtrack for the 2019 final installation of the popular Avengers trilogy. This souvenir folio features composer-approved piano solo arrangements and five pages of color photos from the film! Titles include: The How Works - Main on End - One Shot - Perfectly Not Confusing - Portals - The Real Hero - The Tool of a Thief - Totally Fine.


The How Works (from AVENGERS: ENDGAME)

Main On End (from AVENGERS: ENDGAME)


Perfectly Not Confusing (from AVENGERS: ENDGAME)

Portals (from AVENGERS: ENDGAME)

The Real Hero (from AVENGERS: ENDGAME)

The Tool Of A Thief (from AVENGERS: ENDGAME)

Totally Fine (from AVENGERS: ENDGAME)