The Blitz! Key Signature Table

The Blitz! Key Signature Table

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The Blitz! Key Signature Table is the absolutely foolproof way to memorise key signatures.

There are many different key signature tables out there but The Blitz! Key Signature Table prides itself on being both simple to write down and easy to understand. Alongside the table itself, this book is filled with exercises that have been specially developed to help you memorise the table. An introductory note and quick quiz are also included.

The Blitz! Key Signature Table works in conjunction with the website, where you can download all sorts of free resources to help you with your study, including games, manuscript, test papers and materials to help with practical exam preparation.

Written by renowned educator and author Samantha Coates, the BlitzBooks series has brought fun and laughter to the areas of music theory, instrumental technique and sight reading. Coates' engaging approach to theory and sight reading has already made BlitzBooks the most popular range of theory and sight reading books in Australia and they are now finally available in the UK.