Brave by Proel 3m transparent red right angle - straight jack instrument cable

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Colour: Transparent Red

Connectors: Ø 6,3 mm mono plug / Ø 6,3 mm mono right angle plug

Overall jacket: Ø 7.0 mm flexible PVC

1° shield: High conductivity PVC

2° shield: dense spiral copper wire

Available models and related lengths

BRV120LU3TR - 3 m


Instrument cable - 6,3 mm mono plug / 6,3 mm mono right angle plug - Flexible PVC jacket - Transparent Red colour finishing - 7mm external diameter - Length: 3 m


BRAVE series professional assembled cables is once again the result of Proel research in following market evolutions. This series is identified for materials used for products realisation , starting from the highest quality of O.F.C copper going on to the special PVC compounds used for jacket and the special cotton roofing that confers a vintage look to the products. Last but not less important the distinctive feature of jackets with an external diameter over 7 mm. For the assembly high quality Proel connectors have been used that in guitar cables present a roofing through an heat-shrink jacket. The variations included in this cable series are the ones more commonly used for guitar and microphone connections and allow the availability of different colours and finishing.