Besson (BE120) New Standard silver plated Bb cornet

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The Besson 120 New Standard student Bb cornet is designed in the classic European tradition and with the student in mind.

It is a full-featured instrument with a sound patterned after the Sovereign series, which gives the student an advantage in obtaining the classic cornet sound.

It keeps with the quality and tradition to be expected from a Besson instrument.



Key : Bb

Bell : 5" gold brass

Bore : .460

Waterkeys : 2 lever-style, forged

Valves : Stainless steel top sprung pistons

Features : Shepherd's crook, 1st valve thumb saddle, adjustable 3rd valve slide ring stop

Finish : Clear lacquer or silver-plated

Case : Single soft compact

Accessories : Valve oil, cleaning cloth, white cloth gloves

Options :

BE120-1 : Clear lacquer finish

BE120-2 : Silver-plated finish