Absolute Beginners: Bass Guitar - Omnibus Edition

Absolute Beginners: Bass Guitar - Omnibus Edition

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This Omnibus Edition contains the complete Absolute Beginners Bass course in one complete and convenient package! The Absolute Beginners method has been designed to tell you everything you need to know from the very first time you pick up your Bass Guitar. This edition also features a unique download card with professional demonstration and accompaniment tracks, allowing you to start playing music right away.

In one great book you'll get:

  • A look-and-learn course that uses clear pictures instead of long explanations
  • Practical advice and tips covering everything you need to know about setting up, playing and maintenance
  • Audio tracks on the accompanying download card show you how things should sound
  • Full-length accompaniment tracks to play along with!

This complete Omnibus Edition of Absolute Beginners Bass Guitar contains possibly all the information and practical guidance you'll need to learn the very basics of the Bass, right up to playing your first tunes. Written by established bassist and teacher Phil Mulford, you will be introduced to the parts of the Bass Guitar, tuning and how to hold it, before rapidly learning your first notes, grooves, bass lines and, by the end of book 2, riffs, slapping funk and a full song!

If you are looking for an "owner's manual" approach to learning to play the Bass Guitar that makes it easier than ever before, look no further than this collated edition of Absolute Beginners, now featuring a practical download card.

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