From 5th November goods will only be available by Click & Collect or Mail Order Please phone on 023 8022 4827 if you need assistance

Covid-19 Protection

We are now open again !!

However, your shopping experience will be slightly different to normal on your next visit.

In order to maintain the 2m social distancing we are still being advised to respect we will be limiting the number of people allowed into the store. We will have this message reinforced by markings on the floor and we have introduced a 1 way system in store.

For the safety of all concerned it would be easier and safer if you know what items you require that you either click and collect or ask a member of staff who will then locate the goods for you.

On entering and leaving the store we ask all customers to clean their hands using the provided materials, this will minimise the risk of infection before or after your visit.

The testing of certain instruments may be limited during this period and may only be possible by appointment to allow us to sanitise instrument before and after use. If there is a product you wish to try please phone in advance us to discuss this further.

Unfortunately we are advised that touching and handling of products should be discouraged, if you wish to view a product please ask the staff member to assist you,

Any payment should be ideally be made directly using contactless payment methods - again to prevent the risk of virus spread via cash.

Receipts for purchases can be issued in paper format or we can email a copy to prevent contact.