Rotary valve cord / string - 1 metre

Rotary valve cord / string - 1 metre

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Rotary valve cord / string 1mm thick


1m of rotary cord - reinforced to take the pressure of rotary valves that use cord rather than a direct link.


• Loosen screws (C) and (E) with small screwdriver. Cut a piece of string approximately nine inches long and tie a knot in one end. Begin by threading the string through the hole at bottom of rod (A). Start from the outside of the rod and thread toward the valve. The knot must provide a stop at the hole.
• With the stop arm (B) to the right of rod (A), bring the string around the top of the rotor stem in a clockwise direction, then loop the string entirely around the small screw (C) in a counter-clockwise direction.
• Continue around the bottom of the stop arm (B) to the hole (D) near the top of the rod. Thread the string through this hole and loop it under the head of the small screw (E) on the rod in a clockwise direction.
• Now pull the string fairly taut so that no lost motion occurs when depressing the trigger lever. Tighten screw (E) enough to hold the lever in place.
• Position the lever so the string rod is parallel to the rotor casing top.
• Tighten the string screw (C).


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